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Tokyo (CNN) — Often referred to as the world's busiest crosswalk, thousands of pedestrians scramble across Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing daily.

At peak times, the hypnotic pace of the changing traffic light seems to signal the masses into a mesmerizing, yet claustrophobic, waltz.

For many, the controlled chaos of Shibuya's "Scramble" epitomizes the efficient madness of the cutting-edge city. Here, 10 lanes of traffic and five major crosswalks converge along a modern canyon of neon-colored buildings in the heart of Tokyo.

The Shibuya Crossing serves as center-stage for a Times Square-inspired New Year's Eve countdown and is the focal point for the wild Halloween celebrations that have grown increasingly famous in recent years.

(CNN)The Australian state of New South Wales rolled out "high definition detection cameras" on Sunday, designed to catch drivers using cell phones behind the wheel.

Meet South Korea's new president Moon Jae-in

South Korea is looking to its charismatic new leader Moon Jae-in as a healer, as the country reels from a corruption scandal and strained relations between North Korea and the United States.

Source: CNN

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